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The Conductors Guild is the largest music service organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of the art of conducting and to serving the artistic and professional needs of conductors. It is a diversified organization offering membership to over 1,600 conductors and institutions from the United States and more than forty countries involved with instrumental and/or vocal music, including symphony and chamber orchestra, opera, ballet/dance, chorus, music theater, wind ensemble, and band.

The Conductors Guild offers conductors mentoring opportunities, job listings, an annual conference, training workshops, meetings as well as extensive reference materials such as the Journal of the Conductors Guild and Podium Notes. In addition, resources, such as the Guild Store, Conductor Contracts, Conducting Bibliography, and Preparing a Videotape are available for its members.

Providing this extensive and diverse list of services requires more financial support than what your membership dues can generate.   To bridge the financial gap, the Conductors Guild, as a 501 C 3 not-for-profit corporation, accepts donations to cover the difference between expenses and income.

Support the Conductors Guild, make a donation today!

Methods of Supporting the Conductors Guild

Support for the Conductors Guild can take a variety of forms:

  1. Cash contributions, including Annual Campaign, individual and corporate donations
  2. Sponsorships – workshop, symposia, conference, conductor chats.
  3. Donor Advised Funds

1. Cash contributions, including annual campaign and matching donations

Donations made to the Annual Campaign are used as general operating funds for the Conductors Guild.

MAESTRO $1,000 +
BEETHOVEN $500 – $999
MAHLER $250-$499
BRAHMS $100 – $249
MOZART $50 – $99

2. Sponsorships

Sponsoring events such as the Conference or Conductor Training Workshops: These include supporting specific projects offered by the Conductors Guild.  We will be happy to work with publishers, composers, music product vendors, and others in arranging specific sponsorship packages for our various projects.  If you are interested, please contact our executive director, Jan Wilson, at  for more information.

3. Donor Advised Funds

Only the interest of the donation is used for specific purposes defined by the donor; this guarantees that the supported activity will continue year to year. In addition, it allows the donors’ name(s) to be connected with this sponsorship into perpetuity. Donor Advised Funds are usually given the name of the donor (e.g. the Sandy Dackow Scholarship Fund), have a well-defined purpose (e.g. to support scholarships for conducting study at one of the Conductors Guild sponsored Workshops for conductors over the age of 50) and are limited to a minimum amount before being operational (e.g. $10,000 to be fulfilled at $2,000/year for 5 years and which, after one year following maturity, produces 5% interest resulting in a scholarship of $500 per year).

Making your contribution

The simplest method of contributing is by visiting our online store.  If you would rather contact us by mail or phone, please see the next section below.

Alternate methods for submitting information

How you donate to the Conductors Guild is your choice.  We are happy to receive checks via the US Mail service, or you can use our secure server and donate, online.  But, before you make your donation to the Conductors Guild, please complete this form Conductors Guild Donation Form (in PDF format) print a copy, and mail it to the Conductors Guild at the address listed below.

  1. MAIL – Conductors Guild / 15 E. Market Street, #22 / Leesburg, VA 20178
  2. PHONE – (646) 335-2032


NOTE: Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent the law allows.

Donors will be listed in Conductors Guild publications. In addition, complimentary Annual Conference registration fees are offered to contributions of $1,000 or more.

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