The Board of Directors of the
International Conductors Guild
would like to extend our sincere thanks to our excellent
presenters, speakers, and delegates for their generous
contribution to our four 2021 Virtual Conferences!

Dr. Aaron Flagg
Dr. Rufus Jones, Jr.
Dr. Michael Mauskapf

Mr. Christopher Willis
Mr. Clyde Scott
r. Scott Deal
Mr. Christopher Blair

Mr. Thomas Heuser
Dr. Raul Munguia
Dr. Anna Edwards
Mr. Thomas Kociela
Ms. Julie Desbordes

Dr. Wilbur Lin
Dr. Chia Hsuan-Lin
Mr. John Lidfors
Dr. Ian Passmore
Ms. Kalina Bovell

Mr. James Rose

Ms. Augusta Read Thomas

Ms. Ida Angland
Dr. Cynthia Katsarelis
Dr. Mercedes Diaz Garcia
Dr. Anna Binneweg

Dr. Lucas Richman

Dr. Elizabeth Askren

Maestro Fabio Luisi

Ms. Doris Parent
Mr. Donald Nally
Ms. Mary Javian
Ms. Lisa Sonneborn
Mr. Andrés González

Special thanks to our Virtual Conference Design Team -

Dr. Chuiyuan Meng, Dr. Scott Deal at

our Conference Sponsor - Mr. Christopher Blair


  our Conference Co-Chairs - 

Dr. Julie Sorensen and Dr. Robert Whalen

and our Media Consultant - 

Dr. Dominique Røyem

Thank you for your support! 

[email protected]
(202) 643-4791