Welcome to the Conductors Guild !


Who are we and what we do - 
The Conductors Guild is a membership and service organization for symphony, band, wind ensemble, ballet, chorus, and opera conductors.  We have been in business as a 501c3 not for profit organization for nearly 35 years and have provided resources, academic journal publications, mentoring and consulting, and most importantly, hosting conductor training workshops, and conductor Symposia throughout the years.  All made available to active Conductors Guild members. 

The Conductors Guild is founded on the principles that music is a higher art - one we maintain and continue to grow - through training and discussion of the masterworks, and introduction of new works by some of the world's leading new composers.  Your Conductors Guild membership will keep you connected to conductors across the globe, and for years to come.  

Take a few minutes to explore our website.  Please contact us with any navigation issues, or if you would like to make a content recommendation.  We are looking forward to hearing your input and suggestions.  It's a great day for the Conductors Guild!  Enjoy!

For more information-
ontact the Conductors Guild at:  [email protected]   or   (202) 643-4791.