The Conductors Guild invites you to post advertisements in the Journal of the Conductors Guild at the rates listed below. The Conductors Guild reserves the right to approve and either accept or reject any material submitted for advertising. The Conductors Guild further reserves the right to control the placement of all advertising material within our publications. Payment must be received prior to publication. All materials must be electronic. Institutional members enjoy a 20% discount on all advertising rates.

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Advertising Rates

Journal of the Conductors Guild

  • published semi-annually, hard copy mailed to all members who opt in
  • downloadable electronic version available on website for all members
  • Business Card: (2 in. x 3 ½ in.) $125, $100 (CG Member)
  • Quarter Page: (3 ½ in. x 4 ¾ in.) $200, $160 (CG Member)
  • Half Page: (4 ¾ in. x 7 in.) $400, $320 (CG Member)
  • Full Page: (7 in x 9 ½ in.) $800, $640 (CG Member)