2021 International Conductors Guild

Virtual Conference

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Sunday, May 9, 2021

All are encouraged to join us -

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All registrants will receive a Zoom link on May 7 to enable you
to join the Virtual Conference on Saturday and/or Sunday.


Saturday, May, 8 2021 -

Innovation, Equity, Inclusion

 10:45 am - 11:00 am EST
Join President Dr. Julius P. Williams, and Conference Co-Chairs,
Dr. Julie Sorensen and Dr. Robert Whalen 
for a short intro to the ICG final
Virtual Conference.  Dr. Williams will share information about
the journey the ICG has taken this past year and how we are
"moving forward", while Dr. Sorensen and Dr. Whalen
give you their insights into the process of how a virtual conference is arranged.



11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST

Assistant Conductors - What DO they do? 

The work of Assistant Conductors is often shrouded in mystery!  What do they do?
Join Dr. Wilbur Lin, Assistant Conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
and ICG Board Member, 
as he talks with some of today's busiest conductors - the Assistants!
Dr. Wilbur Lin - Host
Dr. Chia-Hsuan Lin - Associate Conductor, Richmond Symphony
Dr. Ian Passmore - former Assistant Conductor, Omaha Symphony
Mr. John Lidfors - former Assistant Conductor, Bochum Symphony Orchestra & Philharmonic Choir
Ms. Kalena Bovell - Assistant Conductor, Memphis Symphony Orchestra

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm EST

Pathway to Performance - Conductor James Rose

Dr. Robert Whalen and Dr. Julie Sorensen are joined by British Conductor, James Rose, for a
conversation about his journey to the podium.  In 2016, Mr. Rose successfully applied for 
Arts Council funding to run and manage a R&D project at the Royal Academy of Music.
The project - entitled ‘Conducting Development Week’ – was an opportunity he used to conduct a
student string quartet from the academy under the mentorships of
conductors Sian Edwards and John Lubbock.
Details on this project, including a film, and evaluation report documenting the
whole project week, can be found at https://jamesro.se/daocdw.

Following on from this, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra were seeking
a disabled artist with whom they could apply to the Arts Council’s Change Makers fund.
James responded to their call proposing that he work with them as a trainee conductor.

Three years on, he is now founding conductor of BSO Resound;
the world’s first disabled-led ensemble embedded in a mainstream orchestra run by
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO). This included partnership work with
National Open Youth Orchestra. Equally, James is also the
first conductor globally who conducts using a baton attached to his glasses.
The International Conductors Guild is very proud of Mr. Rose for sharing his journey with our delegates.

12:40 pm - 1:00 pm EST

1:00 pm - 2:20 pm EST

International Conductors Guild
Board of Directors Women Conductors

The Guild is pleased to open this panel discussion, led by
Dr. Julie Sorensen and Dr. Dominique Røyem

with colleagues and fellow Board Members 
Ms. Ida Angland - Music Director & Conductor, Gateway Orchestra;
Dr. Anna Binneweg - Music Director & Conductor, Londontowne Symphony Orchestra
& AACC Symphony Orchestra; 
Dr. Maria Mercedes Diaz Garcia - Music Director & Founder of VIVE! Ensemble;
Dr. Cynthia Katsarelis - Music Director & Conductor, Pro Musica Colorado, 
for a lively and inspiring discussion focusing on leadership, entrepreneurship, 
and all things related to women conductors and their careers.  Bring your
thoughts and ideas to share with your colleagues as the ICG begins new plans
for a focused women conductors program!

2:30 pm - 3:50 pm EST

Inside the Composer's Studio with
August Read Thomas

Augusta Read Thomas lets us into her private world of composing and shares
the amazing work being done at the Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition!


In 2016, Augusta Read Thomas founded the University of Chicago’s Center for Contemporary Composition, which is a dynamic, collaborative, and interdisciplinary environment for the creation, performance and study of new music and for the advancement of the careers of emerging and established composers, performers, and scholars. Distinguished by its formation within an uncompromising, relentlessly searching, and ceaselessly innovative scholarly environment, which celebrates excellence and presents new possibilities for intellectual dialogue, the Center comprises ten integrated entities: annual concert series featuring the Grossman Ensemble, CHIME, visiting ensembles, distinguished guest composers, performances, recordings, research, student-led projects, workshops and postdoctoral fellowships.
Not only is Thomas one of the most active composers in the world, but she is a long-standing, exemplary citizen with an extensive history of being deeply committed to her community. She is the former Chairperson for the American Music Center; Vice President for Music, The American Academy of Arts and Letters; and Member of the Conseil Musical de la Foundation Prince Pierre de Monaco.
In February 2015, music critic Edward Reichel wrote, "Augusta Read Thomas has secured for herself a permanent place in the pantheon of American composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. She is without question one of the best and most important composers that this country has today. Her music has substance and depth and a sense of purpose. She has a lot to say and she knows how to say it — and say it in a way that is intelligent yet appealing and sophisticated."


4:00 pm - 5:20 pm EST

Conductor Incubator!

The ICG's new program for all conductors as they research and develop brave, new,
and sometimes unconventional ideas in the performing arts. 
CG Board members, Dr. Lucas Richman and
Dr. Robert Whalen 
present this fantastic new program preview -
you won't want to miss!




Sunday, May 9, 2021 

Innovation, Equity, Inclusion


11:30 am - 12:30 pm EST 

Conducting Opera

Sunday begins with a conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Askren, Founder and Artistic
Director of TOA – Transylvanian Opera Academy, Romania’s first opera studio,
and Conductor-in-residence at the Romanian National Academy of
Music “Gheorghe Dima”, Elizabeth is also an alumna and Faculty
Ambassador for the Dallas Opera’s Hart Institute for Women Conductors. 
Dr. Julie Sorensen, Virtual Conference Committee Co-chair, will lead
our conversation around  Dr. Askren's work in Romania, and
here in the US at the Hart Institute at Dallas Opera.



12:30 pm - 1:00 pm EST


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

The International Conductors Guild welcomes

Maestro Fabio Luisi.


Most of you have heard about the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's very recent
performances with 
musicians from the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. 
Maestro Luisi was instrumental in putting together 
this wonderful collaboration
between Dallas and the MET.  Most importantly, this wasn't a one-off 
The Luisi-led ensemble performed numerous concerts, chamber concerts and more,

in the Dallas area in various churches and other venues giving the
musicians and ensemble 
even more chance to work together. 
What did they perform? 

Maestro Luisi will share that with us, but you can also read more 
about this milestone collaboration, here.
Welcome Maestro Luisi!


2:30 pm - 3:50 pm EST 

Innovation for Change in Philadelphia

Leading institutions in the Philadelphia area are making great gains
to bring about innovation that leads to change.  We are pleased to welcome
this amazing group of change-leaders to today's session.

Dr. Robert Whalen - Host, ICG Board Member
Ms. Doris Parent - Vice President, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Strategies
and Strategic Partnerships, The Philadelphia Orchestra;
Dr. Donald Nally - Professor, Northwestern University, Director, The Crossing;
Ms. Mary Javian - Chair, Career Studies, Curtis Institute of Music;
Ms. Lisa Sonneborn - Producer, Institute on Disabilities, Temple University;
Mr. Andrés Gonzáles Parra - Music Director, Play On Philly.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm 


Spend a few minutes with your colleagues to tell us how you are
coping and what you predict the future may hold.

Be sure to give everyone a chance to speak.
We can't wait to talk with you!

Thank you!