Board of Directors
Nominating Committee Questionnaire 

Please complete the following short questionnaire if interested in membership on the Board of Directors
of the Conductors Guild. This can be an enviable and enjoyable position that will challenge you to help
the Guild in developing current and future programs of the Conductors Guild. 
Please complete the following questionnaire and return to:

Dr. Julius Williams, Chair,
Conductors Guild Nominating Committee
[email protected] , or

Berklee College of Music
1140 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215



1. In what year did you become a member of the Conductors Guild? 

2. Have you attended any annual conferences of the Guild?  Approximately how many and where? 

3. Have you participated in Guild workshops or seminars? If so, please give date and location. 

4. In what other areas have you participated in the work of the Conductors Guild? 

5. Have you made a financial contribution to the Conductors Guild? 

6. In what areas of the Guild’s mission/work, will you be interested in making an active contribution?

_____ financial management and support _____ development and fund-raising connections _____ social media creation and distribution

_____ Journal development _____ Symposia connections _____ workshop connections  _____ other (specify):

7. Board of Directors meetings are held three times per year in major cities around the country. The Guild doesnot pay Directors’ expenses; these must be borne by the individual or sometimes by your professionalorganization (e.g. ensemble, university, etc.) with which you are affiliated.   Will you be able to attend the Board of Directors meetings on a regular basis? 

8. We require lOO% financial participation from all Board Directors for Annual Campaign Contributions (minimum of $325) - a statistic that is necessary for various grants agencies, and foundation support.

            Will you be able to contribute at the $325 level, or higher? 

9. Would you be willing to accept nomination to a two-year term on the Board of Directors, beginning in January 2020? (Nominations are presented for vote by the membership each year at the Annual Conference. The next Annual Conference will take place January 2020).

10.  Are you a current, Active Member of the Conductors Guild? 

11. Please add, on the reverse side or separate page, any further statement or information that maybe helpful to the Nominating Committee.

12. Please send or enclose a current resume, or your website information.

Thank you!

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