Call For Articles

Dr. David Grandis, Editor, Journal of the International Conductors Guild,  Associate Professor (Conducting), Director of Orchestras at William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA, welcomes your submission of articles and proposals relevant to the art, science, performance, and history of conducting. 

The initial process for article submission involves a written100-word abstract of the full manuscript, and submitting the abstract using THIS FORM.  You may submit an article or proposal abstract at any time.

As you prepare your submission, be certain to write for readers who have expertise in diverse areas of music and conducting, and are interested in broadening their knowledge of current research and writing in the field. Write in a readable, lucid style; avoid jargon and try whenever possible to avoid technical terms not familiar to informed musicians. If you must use technical terms, carefully define each at the point in the text where the term is first used.      

Before proceeding, please read the following Guidelines document:   

If you have a specific question regarding your 100-word abstract,
please contact our Editor,  Dr. David Grandis -   [email protected]

How does a Proposal or an Article Become an International Conductors Guild Journal Article? 

When you send a proposal - If we accept an article - When, we accept an article - When, we format an article - We may invite you to write an article - We may send it to reviewers - We send it to a research editor - We format the text in columns - We may suggest a different emphasis or direction -  We send it to a copy editor for revisions - We add photos, graphs, musical examples, etc. - We may suggest a different proposal or article - We may suggest changes in phrasing, language, or organization - We send it to you for approval and revisions - We send you page proofs for checking

All genres of music, orchestra, opera, ballet, band, wind ensemble, choral, are acceptable.
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