About the International Conductors Guild - 

Throughout its 49 year history the International Conductors Guild has served as an advocate for the conducting profession throughout the world. Its membership of over 1,100 represents conductors on a global scale.

The Guild is concerned with the art and the craft of conducting, with practical problems encountered within the profession, with repertoire, and with the multiple roles that Music Directors must fulfill in orchestras, choruses, opera and ballet companies, wind ensembles, bands, musical theater, and other instrumental and vocal ensembles, whether these are professional or amateur, functioning independently or within the context of colleges, universities, and secondary or primary schools. The Guild’s overall goal is to enhance the professionalism of conductors by serving as a clearing house for knowledge and information regarding the art and practice of conducting; further, to support the artistic growth of orchestras, bands, choruses and other conducted ensembles. The Guild has a broader potential role as well: to communicate to the music community the views and opinions of the conducting profession, for which the Guild can serve as a collective voice.


  • Journal of the International Conductors Guild: a scholarly journal that is concerned with numerous aspects of the art, history and practice of the conducting profession.
  • Conductor Opportunities:  an online job resource for Guild members that provides information on career opportunities.

Events and Services

  • Annual Conference: an annual event that includes lectures, discussions, workshops and symposia concerning the art, craft and history of conducting. The Guild also presents awards to outstanding conductors and conducting educators at this event.
  • Conductor Workshops and Symposia: activities devoted to the training and development of conductors. These are intensive study opportunities extending from three days to two weeks.
  • Podium Talks: online Zoom chats with some of today's greatest conductors, mentors, and musicians.
  • International Conductors Guild Mentorship: a program that provides one-on-one expert mentoring to members.

Benefits and Discounts

  • Members receive discounts to a variety of publishers, conducting clothing, streaming services to concerts, entry to rehearsals, and more. 

Since 1988 the Guild at its national conference has presented three categories of awards, two of them annually:

  • Max Rudolf Award: to a conductor who has made a significant lifetime contribution to the art and to the education of young conductors;
  • Theodore Thomas Award: to a conductor in recognition of outstanding achievement as both conductor and pedagogue, with significant service to the profession in the realms of scholarship, advocacy and/or orchestra building; and

Download a copy of the International Conductors Guild Bylaws (pdf).