Workshops & Symposia

One of the many benefits of membership in the International Conductors Guild is having personal access to world-renowned and high-profile performers, master teachers, and clinicians, through workshops, and our new Symposium Events.












Symposia are special.

Wouldn't you have liked the opportunity to have lunch and converse with Mahler, Toscanini, or van Karajan? 
Or the myriad of other conductors and composers who have given us their wonderful music?
We study scores and do research and, everything is on the web, now, right? 
All of us can watch videos or listen to recordings, right? 

But, to have the opportunity to speak with the leading conductors 
in the music industry - conductors who work with  top musicians and guest artists
around the world, is very special, and so important.


We know you will want to be part of this important new program.  Make a suggestion - to whom would you like to speak? 
We are working on several new Symposia and will update the membership as they progress,
but please, let us know who is important to you!


Contact the Conductors Guild office with questions, and/or suggestions:  [email protected] .