In an effort to keep our Members and other colleagues as informed as possible about current and ongoing studies related to orchestras, bands, choruses, and other performing arts, during this COVIC pandemic time, we are providing the following resources. 

Please understand that we provide these articles for informational purposes, only.  It will be necessary for individuals to determine which research or article may be most appropriate for you, or your organizations, to use.

Unprecedented International Coalition led by Performing Arts Organizations to Commission COVID-19 Study
By Chairs, Mark Spede (CBDNA) and James Weaver (NFHS) on June 30, 2020

Second Round of Performing Arts Aerosol Study - Encouraging Results - August 6, 2020UPDATE! 

Preliminary Results of Performing Arts Aerosol Study Depict Hopeful Outlook for Future Music Activities - July 16, 2020


Fort Collins (CO) Symphony Orchestra - Drive-In - July 4th Concert - July 4, 2020

The Philadelphia Orchestra - Virtual Events 

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Virtual 

The Los Angeles Philharmonic - Sound/Stage - September 25, 2020  NEW!

The New York Philharmonic - Learning @ Home

Duke University Mask Study - 
August 14, 2020    NEW !
Some masks are better than others, at stopping virus Duke study shows
Use this link to see photos of the masks (Fig 2.) and Table 1 to read information about each 

ICSOM - Covid -
Current Orchestra Activities and Announcements


The National Institute of Health - NIH - COVID 19 APP
"Singing 'no riskier than talking' for virus spread" - August 20, 2020

Classical Music UK
Indoor concerts and performances allowed to take place in England, - July 17, 2020
Reshaping the concert stage  - June 26, 2020 -
'Orchestras are totally safe.....'  - August 7, 2020
The Science Behind Orchestras' Careful Covid Comeback - June 8, 2020

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - (via
Vienna Philharmonic to begin performing for live audiences again from June - May 27, 2020
Study shows ‘no increased risk to orchestral musicians’ from concerts - May 20, 2020 

Bavarian Radio Chorus
Bavarian Radio Chorus - Risk of Infection with COVID-19  - July 3, 2020

Danish Research
0.5 to 4 metres -  Measurement - aerosol - brass & woodwind instruments - May 15, 2020

Bamberg Symphony Orchestra
Scientists Measure Aerosol Emissions - May 4, 2020